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Our yoga studio in the Laurentians is located on the riverfront with a view of the waterfalls in an old sawmill from the 1940s. In the summer, in addition to yoga in our studio, we offer outdoor classes on a yoga deck on the edge of the waterfalls and on the water on paddle boards!

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Re-Opening following sanitary measures

43 Ch, du Lac-Echo, Morin-Heights

The Shed Studio is located on the banks of the Simon River in the heart of the Laurentians in Morin-Heights. Next to kilometer zero of the Aerobic Corridor and Basler Park, it is an ideal place for a combination of outdoor activities and yoga! In winter: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fat biking and in summer: walking bike, mountain bike, hiking, trail running, SUP fitness are waiting for you.

Live a unique and extraordinary experience.

The Shed is not only on the river, but it sits on the river! The historic building was once a sawmill. We wanted to respect the essence of the time by adding a bit of modernity: the three large windows overlooking the river give the impression of practicing outside in the middle of nature!

Types of classes offered

    • Vinyasa : Flow yoga class where we move with the breath, with a gentle to moderate rhythm with some intervals a little more engaging.
    • Power Flow : A yoga flow class where we move with the breath, with a focus on muscular engagement and a faster pace. Positions are kept simple and accessible with modifications offered.
    • Vinyasa Superflow: Is a calming and energizing vinyasa yoga practice that is inspired by tai chi and surfing. This powerful yet calming trinity intentionally mimics the rhythm of nature and the flow of the oceans. Great practice to gain flexibility but also to work the muscles. A mix of active positions followed by a dedicated time at the end of the class for relaxation.
    • Feel Good Flow & Stretch: The first part of this practice is dedicated to moving and activating the body with a short vinyasa practice. Followed by a second part dedicated to stretching to allow the body to release tension and increase flexibility. Ideal for skiers, cyclists, crossfit enthusiasts or for people who want a well-balanced practice between movement and relaxation. No experience required
  • Barre Fitness: Hybrid fitness class combining pilates, ballet training, yoga and muscular endurance. Moderate, low-impact workout, ideal for fitness or to sculpt leg muscles, glutes and the entire body.
  • Tribal Flow: A combination of fitness, African dance and yoga positions. High intensity cardio and strength training.
  • Surf fitness: Partial or full body workout on a balance board. Excellent for strengthening stabilizers, abs, core, in addition to the rest of the full body workout. Moderate to high intensity. Can be done on a yoga mat as well.
  • Hot: Our “Hot” classes are lightly heated to about 28-30 degrees, so the heat is present but not overwhelming.
  • Express: Condensed class in 45 minutes… very efficient and accommodating for those with a busy schedule.
  • SUP yoga and SUP fitness: Yoga and fitness classes on a paddle board on the water.